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El Salvador, Llamatepec, Finca Los Alpes

El Salvador, Llamatepec, Finca Los Alpes

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El Salvador, Llamatepec, Finca Los Alpes 
Red Bourbon Natural Lot 3.23

Microlot Coffee

Notes: rum, raisin, red wine, pineapple, ginger, swiss chocolate

Roast: Light (City +)

Varietal: 100% Red Bourbon

Elevation: 1600 masl

Process: Natural

Farmer: Carlos Caceres

Aroma: Tropical fruits, caramel sweetness, spice

Cup: Exotic and complex, enveloping body and long finish

We have teamed up with Delagua to bring you this amazing microlot from Llamatepec, a region that is better known amongst coffee professionals as the golden belt of Salvadoran coffee.

El Salvador is known for producing a variety of high-quality coffee, including both Arabica and Robusta. Some of the most common coffee Arabica varieties grown in El Salvador include Bourbon, Pacas, Pacamara, Maragogype.

Bourbon, the feature varietal in this microlot is known for its sweet and fruity flavors. It is one of the most popular coffee varieties in El Salvador and is grown at high altitudes in the country's coffee-producing regions. In particular the Llamatepec region where Finca Los Alpes can be found is located in the western part of El Salvador, near the border with Guatemala. The region is known for its high-quality coffee production and is home to a number of small coffee farmers. The coffee grown in this region is typically grown at high altitudes (over 1500masl) and is known for its sweet and fruity flavors. This microlot is an absolute postcard for this region.

About the process. Natural coffee processing is a method of coffee production in which the coffee cherries are allowed to dry with the seeds inside, rather than being washed and separated from the seeds. Natural processing is often considered more sustainable than other methods of coffee production because it uses less water.

According to a study published in the Journal of Cleaner Production, natural coffee processing can save up to 70% of the water used in traditional washed coffee processing. This is because natural processing does not require the use of water to wash and separate the coffee beans from the cherries. In addition to saving water, natural coffee processing also has other environmental benefits. It generates less wastewater, which can reduce the risk of water pollution, and it also reduces the amount of energy required to dry the coffee beans. Overall, natural coffee processing is a more sustainable and environmentally friendly method of coffee production, and it can help to reduce the environmental impact of the coffee industry.

We are proud to partner with Delagua to bring you all this unique, sustainable and environmentally friendly cup. Enjoy!

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