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Angelina Perez, Huehuetenango Guatemala, Arcoíris lot

Angelina Perez, Huehuetenango Guatemala, Arcoíris lot

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Guatemala, Huehuetenango

Micro Lot Coffee

Notes: Red Apple, Jasmine, Orange Blossom Honey, Graham 

Roast: Light (City +) 

Varietal: 100% Caturra

Elevation: 1800-2000masl

Process: Washed and Sundried

Farmer: Angelina Perez

Farm: Tzunwitz

Town: Aldea Tzunwitz, Conception Huista

Farm Size: 0.4 Hectares

Coffee Produced: 20 (69kg) bags a year

Water Supply: Natural Spring Water

Soil: Clay loam

Shade Trees: Chalun

Guatemala is a small country, but with so many coffee-growing regions, microclimates, and unique ecosystems, we consider ourselves lucky to taste a remarkable array of flavors in this country's coffee.

Every year, we taste a few coffees that are truly wild: fruity, sweet, and unabashedly unique. Sometimes these are washed lots, other times they can be honeys or naturals. Sometimes they are the result of an extra-long fermentation before being washed, or the result of fermenting honeys in a sack before depulping, and each one has a different story. There's no way to explain in a word what these coffees are like. The only way to really capture what these coffees are like is to use a visual metaphor: they make up a rainbow, or in Spanish, Arcoíris. 

Angelina’s farm, known as Tzunwitz, means “where the mountains begin” in the indigenous Popti language. The unique microclimate found at these high elevations is part of what makes her coffee remarkable. Her family has worked in agriculture for many generations, but they haven’t always produced coffee; as a child, she recalls that they grew corn, beans, and potatoes, and during harvesting seasons they worked at nearby coffee farms in Concepcion Huista. This was how the family learned to care for coffee, and they decided to pursue coffee production on their own farms too. As Angelina and her husband were given farms through family inheritance, they also worked to earn money to buy additional plots of land; this was enough to give them their start as high quality coffee growers.

It’s a balanced, clean cup with a great body that excels either as a pour over or a single origin espresso shot. A fantastic aroma, and notes of apple and stone fruit with a savory caramel graham sweetness blended with jasmine accents.


2:1 ratio 18g at 202f for 28 seconds

Pour Over: 

V60 Hario  Coffee: 20g Water: 30g at 200°F

Brew Recipe
0:00 bloom to 50g
0:35 spiral pour to 150g
0:55 spiral pour to 210g
1:25 spiral pour to 260g
1:55 spiral pour to 300g

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